Exclusive Monetization Opportunities for Celebrities.

Celebrity Status

IZEA connects the world’s most influential personalities with advertisers looking to generate engagement through social media channels. These celebrities lend their voice in partnership with name brand companies to participate in sponsored social through tweets, photos, status updates and blog posts. IZEA’s platform is safe, controlled and completely transparent. Celebrity accounts are limited to those people who are famously recognized by the media within a segment of society.

Do I Qualify?

Celebrity status is available for those people with significant exposure in television, movies, music, radio, sports or other mainstream media. Celebrities generally have agency representation and are known outside of social media circles. Celebrity status is granted at the discretion of IZEA. IZEA follows the definition for Celebrity Influencer as outlined in WOMMA’s Influencer Guidebook:

“An individual whose name recognition commands a great deal of public fascination (‘celebrity status’) and has the ability to use their status to communicate with broad effect.”

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