Buy Side

Set up a node on the IZEA Exchange with your own domain, branding and colors. Manage multiple social sponsorship campaigns and opportunities across all social platforms through a single administrative platform. All nodes have the ability to both buy and sell.

Partner Level Pricing

Maximize your ROI and receive special sponsorship pricing when purchasing social influence with the IZEA Exchange. IZEA’s proprietary pricing model ensures that your Ad Spend goes further on every campaign created through your administrative platform.

Streamline Campaign Management

Utilize our platform to provide sponsored content workflow management and simplified opportunity creation. Specific targeting metrics allow for you to select from our extensive inventory of content Creators. Streamline payment processing and gain visibility throughout the entire sales cycle.

  • Eliminate campaign management through emails and spreadsheets
  • Control and track sponsored content spend
  • Reduce staffing requirements and executional bottlenecks
  • Enable self-service campaigns with electronic payments

Generate Campaign Opportunities

Create, upload and manage multiple campaigns with access to the world’s largest sponsorship ecosystem. Initiate sponsorship opportunities and spend on your terms. Maximize ROI while maintaining final approval over all content associated with your brand and message.

Access a Vast Inventory

Choose from an extensive list of Creators with connections to multiple social profiles. Tap into a marketplace where celebrities and social influencers can spread your campaign message to millions of their loyal followers. Target specific Creators through a robust search function and increase the success of your social campaigns. Define audience targets and pricing for each individual social profile.

Create Your Own Network

Allow third parties to sign up as Creators in your network to enhance your revenue generation potential. Utilize a built-in referral program to rapidly create your own network of self-managed Creators.