Sell Side

Setup a node on the IZEA Exchange with your own domain, branding and colors. Manage your network of Creators and social accounts through a single administrative platform. All nodes have the ability to both buy and sell.

Streamline Direct Sales Management

Utilize our platform to provide sponsored content workflow management, publishing and campaign analytics for direct advertisers. Streamline payment processing and gain visibility throughout the entire sales cycle.

  • Eliminate campaign management through emails and spreadsheets
  • Control and track sponsored content approval
  • Reduce staffing requirements and executional bottlenecks
  • Enable self-service campaigns with electronic payments

Generate Indirect Sales

Generate revenue on your own terms via the world’s largest sponsorship ecosystem. Proactively bid on advertiser opportunities, pitch your specific value proposition and leverage your audience like never before.

Extend Sponsorship Inventory

Connect an unlimited amount of owned and operated social media channels to your Exchange. Define audience targets and pricing for each individual social profile.

Expand Your Network

Allow third parties to signup as Creators in your network to enhance your revenue generation potential. Utilize a built-in referral program to rapidly enhance your reach and revenue generation possibilities.