Video Content

IZEA’s video content solutions are designed to help brands and publications provide their customers with high quality storytelling through the scalable production of video assets.

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Video Content Examples


Customer Profile

Our news team will arrange for a half-day on-site video shoot at your or your customer’s location to conduct short, one-on-one interviews. Professionally shot and edited, the final product is a great way to introduce prospective customers to your products and team in a friendly, conversational package.


How To Video

IZEA’s How-To Videos demonstrate to clients your expertise while helping them overcome a challenge. Our video team will work with you to choose a demo topic, then assemble professional models, voiceover and prop artists in studio to produce a step-by-step guide to finding success, whether a consumer topic or a business-to-business one.

Cricket Wireless

Event / Experiential Video

Let IZEA’s video team bring your brand’s presence to wherever you want to be. IZEA’s interviewer/videographer can represent your brand at a conference or cultural event as they interact with guests and deliver a punchy, broadcast news-style video full of quick cuts, interview quips and B-roll atmosphere that’s as good as being there. 


Topical Video Overview

IZEA’s topical overviews provide you with the style often seen on major news sites, tailored to your marketing. IZEA’s news team starts with reporting and ideation to create a script, then adds images and video clips, optional custom animation, music, professional voiceover and graphics. The result is an informative, news-style video that captures the topics your customers care about.