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4 Tools to Boost Your Content on Social Media

By December 16, 2015December 8th, 2021Resources

When you write a killer piece of content, you want everyone to read it. You want your audience to see the value of your blog post, so you share it on all of your social channels.

You’re hoping fans will read it, like it on Facebook, retweet it – the whole social nine yards. To give your content a boost, we asked Dan Fuoco, interactive marketing manager at Detroit Metro Convention and Visitors Bureau, for help on this very question.

Fuoco has used email and social media marketing to hit open and click-through rates that are 2-3 times higher than industry averages.

With Fuoco’s help we created a listed of social media tools to help marketers grow their audience and increase exposure. Here are four tools to boost your content on social media:

1. SumoMe
This plugin is designed to help marketers capture more leads and subscribers. It offers several easy-to-use tools that you can add to your website. For example, you can create a pop-up that collects email addresses, or a floating bar of social media buttons to encourage audience growth. It’s a free WordPress plugin.

“It’s a template tool that can capture new subscribers, help share your posts and build your email list,” Fuoco says.

Cost: Did we mention, it’s free?

2. Edgar
Do you remember that post you wrote that got great traffic? Probably not. It’s hard to remember which piece of content does what. Well, Edgar doesn’t forget. Edgar categorizes your posts, and keeps a list of post popular ones. When you run out of new posts, Edgar will automatically share those must-read articles.

“When your queue is empty it will repurpose your most clicked or visited posts, always providing something to promote,” Fuoco says. “For content markers, reusing old content is often overlooked but always intended.”

Cost: Packages start at $49 a month.

3. Rignite
Rignite is a social media scheduler that has several unique features like a coupon creator, assistance with social contests and an extensive dashboard of analytics.

When you share links to your content, you need a growing audience. Coupons and social contests are great ways to do that. Plus, the scheduling feature is very handy.

Fuoco used the scheduling tool to promote Detroit in the Best Sports City poll conducted by USA Today. By scheduling posts for the duration of the campaign, Fuoco encouraged his audience to vote for Detroit – and won.

“I monitored the engagement and was able to pause the campaign when I was over saturating the audience and restart the campaign when the time was right,” he says.

This tool helped Fuoco reach 4 million Twitter impressions during the contest.

Cost: Packages start at $28 a month.

4. Woobox
Creating content is time consuming, so why not let your audience help fill your content calendar? How? Run a social contest through Woobox that asks participants for user-generated content.

For example, ask your fans to create a video of them using your product, or create a Top 10 list that focuses on your product niche. Use Woobox to create and monitor the campaign.

Fuoco says the platform is user-friendly, easy to edit and gathers analytics on users.

The content that’s collected can be used online. It’s a great way to add new voices to your content. New voices bring new social audiences too, which means added exposure for your content in the long run.

Cost: Packages start at $30 a month.

What’s your go-to tool to boost your content’s reach? Share it in the comment section below.