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Influencer Marketing

Fully managed Influencer marketing campaigns for brands of all sizes.

Influencer Marketing

Fully managed Influencer marketing campaigns for brands of all sizes.

Influencer Marketing combines the viral aspects of word of mouth marketing with the measurement of online advertising.

Go beyond display ads to become part of the social conversation. Your message is integrated directly into the content stream of the blog, videos, photos and updates in the voice of a trusted influencer. Every post is unique in perspective, tone and authority, creating a personalized message for the influencer’s audience.

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“Content and influencer Marketing achieve top-tier effectiveness ratings.”

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the IZEAx Unity Suite

Web-based software tools allow our managed services clients to be involved decision making and analysis during their campaigns.

Influencer Review

Find and generate lists of the perfect influencers to fit your campaigns.

Content Review

Review the Creator’s content and approve, decline or give directions for any changes that need to be made.

Campaign Analysis

Track your overall campaign performance in real-time with the analytics dashboard.

IZEA’s Technology Driven Process

A Process Refined by 3.5M+ Transactions

IZEA’s influencer marketing software enables us to efficiently scale the activation of influencers by managing the workflow from discovery to payment. When you use influencer marketing services our team will also help strategize, execute and optimize your campaign.


Campaign Analysis


Create Opportunity


Target Influencers


Bid / Negotiate


Accept Bid


Create Content


Review Content


Publish & Track


Promote Posts


Influencer Payment

Influencer Marketing for the World’s Leading Brands

Since our founding in 2006, we have led the policy development and discussion, pushing our industry towards transparent, safe sponsorships that protect the brand, creator and consumer.

Influencer Marketing

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