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2008 Blogger's Choice Awards header

YOU nominated. YOU voted. Now here are the winners of the 2008 Blogger’s Choice Awards:

Best Animal Blogger:
Best Blog About Blogging:
Best Blog About Stuff:
Blog Blog Design:
Best Blog of All Time:
Best Blogging Host:
Best Business Blog:
Best Celebrity Blogger:
Best Charity Blog:
Best Corporate Blog:
Best Education Blog:
Best Entertainment Blog:
Best Food Blog:
Foreign Language Blog:
Best Geek Blog:
Best Gossip Blog:
Best Health Blog:
Best Hobby Blog:
Best Humor Blog:
Best Marketing Blog:
Best Parenting Blog:
Best Photography Blog:
Best Podcast:
Best Political Blog:
Best Pop Culture Blog:
Best Religion Blog:
Best Shopping Blog:
Best Sports Blog:
Best Travel Blog:
Best Video Blogger:
Freakiest Blogger:
Hottest Daddy Blogger:
Hottest Mommy Blogger:
Most Obnoxious Blogger:
The “Blogitzer”:
Worst Blog of All Time:

Congratulations to all who won in their categories! Thanks to those who participated, too, in either nominating or voting. If you are one of the lucky winners listed above please e-mail me directly at ashley[at]izea[dot]com so I can deliver your winner’s badge to you.

Also, we’ll be making some changes to the site in early 2009, so please feel free to share your input and/or suggestions by leaving them in the comments section of this post. We look forward to hearing from you.