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What originally attracted you to the IZEA community and how did you find out about it?

I found out about the IZEA community after a company reached out to me to do a campaign with them. They do their campaigns through  IZEA and wanted me to apply. I instantly loved the simplicity of the set up and was impressed by the IZEA community.

Describe your blog in 140 characters or less…

My blog shares easy, and usually healthy, family favorite recipes.

What inspires you to blog?

I get inspired to blog by my love of good food and desire to make things healthier while still tasting great.

Do you ever get stumped for what to write? How do you overcome this?

I get stumped about writing all the time! It helps for me to take a break and do something different like exercising, playing with my little boy, or reading. When I am feeling inspired again, I get back to writing.

What is the coolest thing your blog has helped you do?

The coolest thing my blog has helped me to do is to network with so many wonderful individulas. I’ve “met” and made amazing friends online as well as worked with awesome companies and done some incredible campaigns!

What do you love about IZEA?

I love the simplicity and “no nonsense” approach IZEA has. I love that there isn’t a lengthy application for each company you want to work with.

What has been your favorite IZEA campaign?

My favorite IZEA campaign was probably with Texas Pete Cha! I made some teritaki chicken with the Cha! Sriracha sauce…yum!

How do you actively stay engaged with your audience?

I stay actively engaged with my audience through social media. Whether it’s tweeting, posting to Facebook, or pinning something new, I am able to interact and get to know my audience better through these social channels.

What tips can you give other bloggers that can help set them apart and stand out?

My biggest tip to help you stand out is to never put content on your blog that you wouldn’t want to read on a blog. Do your very best to make your content exciting and engaging.

Complete this thought: If I could, I would…

If I could, I would take some professional cooking or photography classes! I’m so passionate about both, but am self-taught in both areas. I’d love to be taught by a pro!

Congratulations Chelsea! We can’t wait to try some delicious recipes on Chelsea’s Messy Apron! YUM!