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The internet has spawned a universe of self-anointed experts pontificating on an array of topics as diverse as our universe itself. The “blogosphere” has become a ubiquitous arm of the internet and social media as this horde of the content creators blog, Tweet and share photos and video on Instagram, Flickr or YouTube. Some create blogs simply as a passion and are satisfied with attendant psychic gratification.

As with any revolution, change is rapid and iterative. Known by various names “social sponsorships,” “content marketing,” “sponsored content” is a way the ordinary content provider can monetize their content be it blogs, video, pictures or tweets. The jargon is fluid, and it may also be called “marketing through the social media stream.”

IZEA Inc., through their website, has created the world’s largest network to match content providers and advertisers. Particular sponsors or advertisers, often giant multinational corporations pay content providers, to create target advertising for their products or services via a blog, picture, tweet or video.

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